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 Al-Jazera's vision is to be a partner with the public and private sectors in achieving sustainable development.

 Mission :

 Carry out strategic, due diligence  and environmental impact assessments based on a thorough understanding of the development strategies, master plans and local regional environmental settings. Control of pollution sources, water resources management, environmental health assessments  and provision of environmental and corrosion laboratory analyses are carried out in collaboration with international partners. Rehabilitation of damaged ecosystems and recycling of materials represent major objectives of Al-Jazera Environmental Consultants (JEC) which are carried by professional experts and in accordance with national and international criteria, guidelines and agreements.

Scope Of Work :-

A - Environmental consultancy:

•Develop policies and strategies for sustainable development, policy analysis and environmental strategies.

•Prepare due diligence studies covering detailed analysis of an activity or project  and assessment of  the current environmental settings and associated environmental risk to human health and the environment.

•Conduct evaluation of health risks, including work and indoor environments.

•Design and operation of air quality monitoring systems, soil analyses and corrosion services.

•Study of biodiversity and ecosystem health, including providing advice on best practices for protected areas management, crisis management and mitigation of environmental disasters.

•Develop and manage Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing applications  as part of environmental monitoring , assessment and management.

•Conduct assessments of water resources and development of water resources management strategies.

•Develop environmental monitoring and management systems  for ambient environments and industrial areas, including: management, use and handling of chemicals; management of industrial solid and liquid wastes; monitoring and mitigation of sewage discharges and health and safety in the work environment.

•Develop contingency plans for industry and environment protection.

•Carry out environmental damage assessments for environmental compensation claims.

•Develop plans for environmental compliance (compliance with environmental laws, standards and requirements).

•Evaluation of green buildings (LEED) and training in the areas of environmental impact assessment studies and environmental analysis.

B - Environmental impact assessment studies :

•Industrial projects including oil and petrochemical installations.

•Major Housing and industrial area projects.

•Waste disposal areas including landfills.

•Major waste water treatment and re-use.

•Hospitals, healthcare centers and health laboratories.

•Electricity Projects, renewable energy and potable water distribution systems.

•Tourism development projects.

•Coastal installations, ports and jetties.

•Major transportation projects including roads and bridges.

C - Environmental Audit:

•JEC has experience in carrying environmental audit jointly with associated international experts in the field. This includes industrial plants, laboratories, marine ports and air ports.

E –Renewal Energy:

•JEC has the experience in design and integration of renewal energy technologies with thermal domestic and industrial power and water production systems.